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GCP Marketplace Installation - Spring 2019


Deploying Cavirin on Google Cloud

This guide provides guidance for installing Cavirin within your Google Cloud environment and connecting to the instance as the administrator.  This is a BYOL deployment, so after you provision the instance, you will contact Cavirin for the necessary license.   We recommend Google Chrome for installation.


Step 1:  Select

Select Cavirin CyberPosture from the Google Cloud Launcher and press ‘Launch on Compute Engine’



Step 2:  Deploy

  1. Enter a deployment name.
  2. Select a Zone
  3. Select the machine type. We recommend the default of 4 vCPUs and 26 GB memory
  4. Select any specific disk and networking parameters
  5. Select firewall parameters beyond those pre-configured with the VM instance
  6. Click Deploy
  7. The temporary admin password is "cavirin123". Pls use this password for all default users created by Cavirin.



 Step 3:  Access

  1. Type in the public IP address.
  2. Note that the initial connection will show as insecure. Insert your own certs to make it secure.
  3. For BYOL you will be presented with the initial login screen, requesting a license. Upload provided license key. 
  4. The default users:

userid = administrator password = the temporary admin password. 

userid = groupadmin password = the temporary admin password

userid = devops password = the temporary admin password 

userid = analyst password = the temporary admin password 

  1. You will immediately be prompted to change the temporary password. 
  2. Please refer to the Cavirin User Guide for further configuration at:


Step 4 (Optional):  Connecting with SSH

Cavirin by defaults uses the user id “ubuntu” for CLI login, though Google Cloud by default will use the user id of the Google Cloud user.  The following steps explain how to connect.


  1.  From the instance page, Select SSH, Open in Browser Window.
  2.  While connecting, select “Change Linux Username”

  1.  Type “ubuntu”



4.  Login will succeed.




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