Critical Cavirin Platform Hotfix - December, 2017


Cavirin Plarform requires an immediate critical patch (Hotfix) for the product to maintain it’s normal operational processes. The Hotfix is included and installed as part of new Cavirin Platform 1.x releases. The hotfix attached in this article should be applied in order for Cavirin Platforms to continue to operate after 31st Dec. 2017.

Cavirin is delivering the new Hotfix as a separate file that needs to be applied to Cavirin Deployment(s).

To apply the Hotfix, 

- Please download attached file "pulsar-patch-P0001-joval-liense-2018.tar" and transfer the file to Cavirin Platform/Appliance through scp or sftp or ftp etc

- Extract "pulsar-patch-P0001-joval-liense-2018.tar" by executing the command "tar -xvf pulsar-patch-P0001-joval-liense-2018.tar"

- Execute script with command : "./"

The script will stop all the workflows, completes the patch application and re-start all the workflows.

Please open a case through Cavirin Support Portal if you face any issues. You could also reach out through

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