On-Premise VMware Installation - Spring 2018


Important prerequisite information follows:

  1.  The latest Cavirin-distributed OVA for VMware will be posted on Zendesk.
  2.  ESXi 5.5 or later is required.
  3.  The Google Chrome browser is required for interface access.
  4.  The VMware VM for the platform must support a minimum of 4 CPUs/16GB of RAM and 100 GB of SSD storage. Thin provisioning is fine.

Open ports and configuration of the platform

The Cavirin platform will need the following ports open to incoming traffic:

  • TCP         3000 
  • HTTPS     443 
  • SSH         22  

Notes – 

  • We recommend that you allow access from just your own IP address.
  • The Cavirin VM will use DHCP for initial setup. The IP address can be changed after initial setup. If you don’t have DHCP, please contact Cavirin.
  • The Cavirin Platform must have routable access to the targeted servers to assessment.

Platform Configuration - Discovery of Your Environment

On-prem Machine Discovery - IP Ranges

  • CIDR or starting/ending IP ranges for the subnets. This is to discover and communicate with your on-prem environment.

Cloud Discovery – Cloud Environment Credentials 

  • Cloud Credentials - client ID and client secret. This is to discover and communicate with your cloud environment.

Communication – Instances Credentialed Required

  • Without credentials Cavirin, cannot not access information from your servers. Please have read-only credentials for the on-prem and virtual instances you wish to assess. 

Machine Communication - Enabling Communication with Your Servers and Instances

Machine Communication - Open Ports Required 

For Windows servers/instances – The username and password with administrator credentials: If you have the ability to create a domain-level service account with administrative privileges, this is preferable.

  • For Windows servers/instances, Windows Remote Management (WinRM) must be enabled and port 5985 open on the firewall for the Cavirin server to assess the server or instance.
  • ICMP – for machine discovery.

For Linux servers/instances – User with sudo permission and either a password or SSH key authentication:

  • For Linux Servers SSH, port 22 must be accessible for the Cavirin server to be able to assess the server or instance.
  • ICMP – for machine discovery.

Network Configuration – Opening Communication Between the Host and Target Machines 

Your network must be able to support open communication between the Cavirin host machine and all the target machines.

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