AWS Deployment Guide for Cavirin Hybrid Cloud Security Platform


Cavirin Hybrid Cloud Security Platform is available in the AWS Marketplace. The product linked is for the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) product. This requires a license key from Cavirin to utilize, please contact to purchase a license. You may also deploy one of the other AWS Marketplace products based on the number of devices you intend to scan which will then be billed directly to you through the AWS Marketplace. Follow the link for Cavirin ARAP AWS Marketplace products.

To subscribe to Cavirin Hybrid Cloud Security Platform click on the Continue button for the product you wish to subscribe to.

Both options "1-Click Launch" and "Manual Launch" are available. Follow this link to get more information on AWS IAM Roles. You are not required to use an AWS IAM role however it is not considered best practices and you will be required to use static Access Keys when accessing your AWS account within Cavirin ARAP. Follow these directions to create an AWS IAM Role for use with Cavirin ARAP.

Click on Manual Launch tab and then click on Accept Terms. Now you will be able to click on the Launch with EC2 Console button for the region you want to deploy Cavirin Hybrid Cloud Security Platform into.

Choose m4.large as the instance type, click Next: Configure Instance Details button


Choose the Network and Subnet you would like to assign to the Cavirin instance. It is recommended to Auto-assign Public IP to this instance to be able to access the web interface from outside the VPC. Set the IAM Role that was created for the Cavirin ARAP server, go here to learn how to create an IAM Role for ARAP. Click the Next: Add Storage button

Verify the Volume Type is set to General Purpose (SSD) and click Next: Tag Instance button.


Fill in the Name tag of this instance, such as Cavirin Platform. Also add any other tags required by your organization, click Next: Configure Security Group button

Click the Add Rule button then input 443 into the Port Range to allow access to the https web interface. It is recommended to limit the scope of the Source so choose My IP to allow access only from the IP address of your workstation. If you require access from multiple locations then add those IP addresses in as new rules. Click the Review and Launch button.

Verify all the settings are correct and click the Launch button

Select a key pair that you have access to or create a new one. Check the box for acknowledgement and click the Launch Instance button.

While waiting for your instance to complete launching take note of the InstanceID for your newly launched server as this will be the password needed for your initial login.

Once the server is ready then you can access the Cavirin ARAP server by going to https://public_ip_address/pulsar/ .  Public Ip can be found by looking at the details of the instance in your EC2 control panel.

When you connect to the Cavirin Security Platform web interface for the first time you will be presented with a certificate error. This is OK to bypass - the reason is that the communications is secured with a self-signed certificate.

If you are using the BYOL product then when you first connect to the Cavirin Platform server you will be prompted to upload your license key file. Browse for your key file and choose Done.

Now you can log in. The username is “administrator” and the password will be provided in a separate email by Cavirin Customer Representative.

After first Sign In user will be prompted to change the temp password. Enter the current password and then enter your new password twice.

Login with the newly created credentials and continue the initial setup.



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